adhd in adolescence pittsfield ma

ADHD diagnosis and treatment

Potential symptoms of ADHD to look for in your child include:

  • Difficulty with paying close attention to detail
  • Not paying attention during tasks and activities
  • Not fully listening when spoken to
  • Schoolwork and workplace duties are nearly impossible to complete due to a lack of follow through on instructions
  • Organizing activities is tough
  • Avoiding activities which require a lot of mental effort, i.e. homework and other assignments
  • Tendency to lose things
  • Easily distracted
  • Forgetfulness

If you or your child's teacher notice the symptoms of ADHD, come to Vicki Smith MD PC for a precise evaluation and diagnosis. With a correct diagnosis and medication from our experienced pediatrician, your child can improve their academic performance and overall life.

Please print out BOTH sets of forms. A parent needs to fill out the Parent Form and the child's teacher needs to fill out the Teacher Form. All forms need to be filled out before your visit with us